Barksdale has a growing portfolio of Americas-focused precious and base metal assets in the Patagonia district in southern Arizona, and Mexico.  Our Arizona assets include the Sunnyside, San Antonio and Four Metals projects.

Arizona Projects

Sunnyside Project 

San Antonio Project

Four Metals Project

Goat Canyon Project

Canelo Project

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Mexico Projects

San Javier Project
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The Sunnyside Project is in the Patagonia Mountains of southern Arizona, approximately an hour and a half drive south of Tucson (population ~530,000). The project is approximately 21km2 (5,223 acres) and is cored by a large intrusive complex that is thought to have driven a large hydrothermal system that created a classically zoned copper porphyry and associated distal deposits.  The primary near-term exploration target is a skarn located on the northeast margin of the intrusive complex that is likely to host copper-zinc-lead-silver mineralization interpreted to be the extension of the world-class Taylor deposit (South32).  Planned systematic exploration on the project will proceed once exploration permits are in place.

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San Antonio

The San Antonio project is in the Patagonia Mountains of southern Arizona, approximately an hour and a half drive south of Tucson (population ~530,000).  The project is 100% owned by Barksdale and is approximately 25.5 KM2 (6,300 acres).  The primary exploration focus at San Antonio is the untested, shallow Cosmos porphyry copper target.  Extensive geologic and geophysical work by Teck Resources, the project’s previous owner, outlined a significant IP geophysical anomaly that Barksdale interprets to be a porphyry copper deposit.



Four Metals

The Four Metals project is in the Patagonia Mountains of southern Arizona, approximately an hour and a half drive south of Tucson (population ~530,000). Barksdale has an option to acquire a 100% interest in Four Metals, which is a 760-acre property that is surrounded by federal mineral claims held by South32.  Two targets exist at Four Metals including the Red Hills deposit, which is a copper-molybdenum-silver-gold bearing breccia pipe as well as a deeper conceptual porphyry copper target.



Goat Canyon Project

Goat Canyon is an early-stage porphyry copper-molybdenum exploration project located approximately 10 km northwest of Barksdale’s Sunnyside project in Santa Cruz County, Arizona. The property consists of 430 federal mining claims that cover approximately 8,650 acres as well as two Arizona State Land Department exploration leases that cover an additional 1,254 acres.

The exploration programs identified a 5 x 3 km zone of strong to moderate hydrothermal alteration containing stockwork quartz veining indicative of a buried porphyry copper deposit. Numerous outcropping altered and mineralized quartz monzonite porphyry dikes of Laramide age have been identified on the property as well as a broad occurrence of polymetallic copper-lead-zinc-manganese veins that strike east-west and vector towards the zones of stronger alteration. There appear to be multiple target areas that have coincident magnetic, resistivity and radiometric geophysical anomalies that are further supported by 468 soil samples and 104 rock chip samples that are elevated in base and precious metals.




Canelo Project

The Canelo project is an early-stage copper porphyry and skarn/CRD exploration project located within the Patagonia mining district, approximately 10 kilometers north-northeast of the Company’s Sunnyside project in Santa Cruz County, Arizona. The property consists of 433 federal mining claims that cover approximately 8,700 acres.

Geologic mapping and geophysical survey data suggests that the area is underlain by multi-phased intrusive event has altered the surrounding rocks from which surface mapping has identified several alteration patterns indicative of a hydrothermal system at depth. Historic surface sampling, including nearly 1,200 soil samples and approximately 50 rock chip samples, has identified a large 3 x 6 km soil anomaly that averages 200 ppm copper, 80 ppm lead and 185 ppm zinc.1 Sedimentary units that are suitable for the formation of adjacent high-grade skarn and outwardly zoned carbonate replacement deposits are thought to occur at depth and could be cut by Laramide intrusives. Deposits such as these are known to host very large resources in Arizona, such as those seen at the Sunnyside-Taylor complex, located 10 km to the east.



San Javier

The San Javier property is in central Sonora, Mexico, approximately a two-hour drive (125km) east of the capital city of Hermosillo (population ~800,000) along National Highway 16 and approximately a six-hour drive from Barksdale's projects in southern Arizona. The property consists of twelve separate mineral concessions totaling approximately 1,184 hectares, upon which multiple zones of copper mineralization have been identified to date. The project is positioned with significant logistical advantages as Cerro Verde, the main mineralized zone, is located less than 1km from a paved highway as well as the national power grid. Other mineral prospects include La Trinidad and Mesa Grande.

Multiple companies have previously explored and drilled within the San Javier property position, including Servicios Industriales Peñoles S.A. de C.V., Phelps Dodge, Outukumpu Oyj and Constellation Copper. Notably, the San Javier property has not been actively worked since 2007. Approximately 30,000 meters of drilling has been completed to date in three separate zones, two of which contain historic resource estimates which Barksdale believes can be expanded significantly.

Mineralization at Cerro Verde, the most densely drilled zone (~90% of historic drilling), consists of structurally controlled hydrothermal breccias, stockworks, and veins that have intense specular hematite associated with copper mineralization. The mineralization has been characterized by previous operators as typical of an iron-oxide-copper-gold ("IOGC") system, which generally exhibit structurally controlled mineralization. Previous exploration activity was focused on delineating near-surface oxidized mineralization, for the purpose of bulk mining. Hence, the structurally controlled high-grade mineralization that was encountered was never adequately followed-up on and thus represents a significant opportunity for Barksdale. Additionally, gold-dominant oxide mineralization as well as copper-gold sulfide mineralization has been encountered historically and requires additional investigation.



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